sábado, 17 de julho de 2010

blame it on me.

Oh no, gone forever... Can't be without you, I'm sorry that I faild you. Anything you want you can blame it on me. Didn't mean to hurt you, was meant to protect you. That's why I haffi say you can blame it on me. Never really thought I'd miss you so much, now I miss your voice and baby I miss your touch. A you me did a prefer, lost you forever, and you can blame it on me.

He tell me he me nah go miss his cause me never really had him
A lie that me can't live without him.
And I'm out everynight because me know before 6 o'clock me nah go sleep

Through how me thinking about him
So please be, please be still in love with me,
Cause I can't see no other future for me.
So why have I been suffering for so long,
Been a while since I knew something was wrong.
Now you left me with nothing to hold on,
And now my baby he's gone but...
The other day he tell me seh he love me,
The next day he get up and left me.
I don't know what he want, but I nah stop chant, cause I just can't be without you.

Oh no, gone forever (...)

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